Porto and surroundings, Portugal 9.4.-16.4.2005

I took part in a photography course in Porto, Portugal. The course was arranged by Adult Education Institute of Vantaa (Vantaan aikuisopisto). The course was was held in the city of Porto.

In these links I have gathered some of the 2000 photographs that I took during that week. Btw, one panoramic image normally consists of 3-12 source images. And I took a lot of panoramic images during the week. So this figure is not comparable to 'normal' photos.

People in the streets of Porto and nearby

Landscapes in the city of Porto and surroundings

Panoramic images of Porto and surroundings



If you have any comments or questions about the photographs please feel free to drop me an email at hannu dot lehto at mbnet dot fi.

Vantaa 28.4.2005

Hannu Lehto


The links to the Adult Education Institute of Vantaa (Vantaan aikuisopisto), (sorry, the pages are only in Finnish).

Kuvausmatka Portugaliin