Photography exhibtion

> 100

Hannu Lehto


Here you can see all the 27 panoramas in the exhibition:


Photographs in the exhibition


Some pictures from the Vernissage.


The exhibition hanging in the venue.


I gave a presentation and lecture around the exhibition and panoramic photography. The material can be found here: Some thougths around the exhibition and panoramic photography (only in Finnish sorry).


Invitation card (text in Finnish)


List of all panoramas in the exhibition



If you have any comment on the exhibition, photographs of panoramic photography, drop me a line at hannu dot lehto at iki dot fi.

I held my second photography exhibition called > 100 in March 2008. The venue was the gallery of Camera Club (Kameraseura in Finnish) in Helsinki, Finland. The club is the largest camera club in Finland. It has over 1000 members.

I have made panoramic photographs since 2002. So I gathered 27 of my panoramas to the exhibition. They represented typical panoramas of my style. Most of them were done in the past two years, one or two from the first years.


All photos in the exhibition were panoramas which have been stitched together with a computer. The number of original photos in one panorama varies in the exhibition between 3 and 24.


If you want to know more about panoramic photography you can find more data here or here.


All the photographs were printed by me with my Epson 3800. The mounting to a 3 mm back board was done by a local firm Puite Oy. I decided not use any matting all. Mainly because of the size, most photos were around 90 x 40 cm.


I sent invitations to friends, relatives, colleagues (old and new), customers, neighbours etc. I was more than delighted to see nearly hundred people in the vernissage.


On the whole, I was very happy about the exhibition. It was a fun to build it and I was very pleased to see many people in the vernissage.