Crete, Greece 16.4.-23.4.2006


I took part in a photography course in the island of Crete, Greece. The course was arranged by Adult Education Institute of Vantaa (Vantaan aikuisopisto). The course was was held in the village of Platanias.

In these links I have gathered some of the 2000 photographs that I took during that week. In photos there are some 20 panoramiv photos. Btw, one panoramic image normally consists of 3-12 source images. And I took a lot of panoramic images during the week. So this figure is not comparable to 'normal' photos.


The village of Platanias An old fishermen's village. Nowadays mainly for tourists. Cafes, restaurants, shops and the beach.
In the city of Khania The old city of Khania (or Hania). There are nowadays about 50.000 people living in the city of Khania. The city has a very long history dating back to the ancient minoans.
The Monastery of Katholiko and to the way there

The monastry was destroyed several times in the 16th century. You'll have to walk 45 minutes

to the monastry, but the it is worth it. From the monastry is 10 minutes walk to the sea. So the

total time needed is around 2 hours (+breaks, you will definately need them).


In the ruins of Knossos The ancient palace of the minoan king. Some say that the european culture was founded here.
Landscapes in west Greece Landscapes around the western part of the island of Crete.
Miscalleneous photos Miscalleneous photos from the trip.
Souveniers Souveniers.



If you have any comments or questions about the photographs,

please feel free to drop me an email at hannu dot lehto at mbnet dot fi.

The links to the Adult Education Institute of Vantaa (Vantaan aikuisopisto), (sorry, the pages are only in Finnish).

Vantaa, Finland 3.5.2006

Hannu Lehto