Berlin, Germany 10.9.-14.9.2010

In September 2010 I visited Berlin, Germany with fellow photographers from Helsinki Camera Club, Finland.
. The trip was my first to Berlin.

The trip was organised together with a local camera club, Fotoclub Fischerinsel Berlin.

We met the members of the club in their monthly meeting, showing and discussing photographs and getting acquainted. On Saturday and Sunday we were divided into smaller groups. We walked around the city and our hosts showed us interesting places in Berlin. It was very nice and useful to see places and here local people tell about them. Now we got a lot more than reading a tourist guide. My warm thanks to our hosts. They had done a lot of work in organising and arranging the meetings and trips. I hope we will see them Helsinki, so we can "pay back" their hospitability.
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In the following links there are the pictures from the trip. The pictures are mainly "tourist pictures" for myself and other interested to recall and relive the trip.
Famous places in Berlin Berlin is full of history. The history dates back 13th century. Between 16th and 20th centuries there has been several eras, which have left their mark in the city. After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the city has again been changed a lot. Even today (2010) there are a lot constructions sites all over the city.
People Berlin is a very big city. The population if Berlin is about 3.4 million (5 million in the metropolitan area). Berlin has always been an international city. People from all over the world come here to live, work, study and for a holiday.
Central Station Berlin Central Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof) is the largest crossing station in Europe. It was opened 2006. The total estimated cost was one billion euros. When you look at the pictures here, you may see why. (I could not verify this one billion euros cost anywhere, please send me an email if have more info on this).
Railway stations The railways date back to 19th century in Berlin. There are two railway systems (U-bahn, S-bahn) plus trams and long distance railways. Once you get hang of the different systems, they are easy and convenient to use. 
Street views When Greater Berlin was established in 1920, the city was organized into 20 boroughs. The number of boroughs have changed during the years, at present there are 12 boroughs.

The views vary much from borough to borough. And even in same close area the street views can be very different. 
Members of Camera Clubs In these pictures you can see members of Fotoclub Fischerinsel and Helsinki Camera Club around the city.
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous photos from the trip.
Panoramas One of of my interests in the field of photography is panoramic photography. Here are some of the panoramas shot in the trip.

Some of the panoramas are near a square. They are however panoramas. The angle of view is more than 100
° both in horizontal and vertical dimensions. That makes them panoramas.

If you want see more of my panoramas, you can see some of them here:
Souveniers Some "souveniers" from the trip.

If you have any comments or questions about the photographs, please feel free to drop me an email at hannu dot lehto at iki dot fi.
Vantaa, Finland, October 2010

Hannu Lehto